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NASCAR Nationwide driver Johanna Long keeps fans posted.

St. Matthew in Charlotte is the largest Catholic church by members in the USA.

Lead Dog Realty is expanding from Charlotte to Asheville.

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Content Management Systems We Love

Many small businesses don't need a content management system to manage their websites because the content simply doesn't change that much. But for those who have frequent content updates or multiple authors and contributors, a content management system is required. Full Story

The Template Is The Monster

From time to time, people ask us if we can customize the template they purchased. Well, we can but we won’t.  Keep reading because there’s something you need to understand about purchasing website templates. We’ve worked with several Template Monster templates including their Flash templates. What we’ve found is that it takes as long to […] Full Story

The Show Is In The Cloud

The show is the performances, entertainment, communications and transactions occurring in the internet cloud. It’s where we work. Like all business practices, there are advantages and disadvantages to storing data in the cloud. A practical approach is to secure and limit the data you put in the cloud. Contact us for a free consultation. Full Story

Too Many Words

EDITING CONTENT PRIOR TO PUBLISHING Did you ever get the feeling that there’s just too many words on the Web? Well, you’re not alone. Many people feel overwhelmed by all the content and the myriad of links on every page. The authors of all these words seem to think that the more they write, the […] Full Story