We're fluent in the production of media for marketing, specializing in branding, design, websites and video.

We continually seek to understand our clients and their unique products, services and values so that we can help them find and connect with their ideal customers.

Strategies include automation, website redesigns, video storytelling and education, online advertising, lead acquisition, funnel marketing, SEO, social media marketing, live video streaming and events.

Who We Are


Jim Stablein

Producer-Writer, General Tech Genius, Problem-Solver

Founder of Mediafluent, Jim is a creative problem-solver. A naturally strategic achiever, Jim sees the best path forward and loves to make it happen.

Jim started producing, directing and shooting fashion, marketing and training videos for the J.B. Ivey Company in the 90's. He then freelanced teleproduction for clients including Raceday, On Pit Road and America's Most Wanted.

Having co-produced the feature documentary Robby Gordon Road To Dakar, Jim has also filmed video for Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year nominees Earth Fare, Environmental Technologies, McDonald's franchisee GST Enterprises, Hissho Sushi and Source Technologies.

With 20+ years experience in video production and 10+ years experience building websites, Jim combines this expertise with a certification in Inbound Marketing.


Jee An Stablein

Graphic Designer, Artist, Actor, Voice Talent

A Dean's List graduate of The Art Institute of Charlotte, Jee strives to create unique solutions for every design project. Since kindergarten, Jee's teachers have called her "gifted" in art. She consistently challenges herself to do great work for her clients. At the Charlotte Music Awards, she was recognized for the Best CD Cover for the band Swampdawamp. It was simply her logo design.

Jee's creative spirit led her into theater and acting for film and television. She recently appeared alongside Zach Galifianakis in the feature comedy Masterminds. She has also done voice-over work for Wells Fargo and other regional businesses.



Office Security, Chief Happiness Officer

As his photo implies, Jaavi takes his job seriously. Using his natural talents of keen observation and hearing, Jaavi alerts our team to any unusual activity at any time. On his daily patrol, he also keeps an eye out for suspicious activities in the neighborhood and makes sure we're aware of it and can take action if necessary. He's dependable and loyal.

And while he's not always smiling, he wags his tail whenever attention comes his way. We can always count on him for encouragement and joy, so his status as Chief Happiness Officer will always be secure.



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